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Use cases of all2get (ATG)

We have put together an overview of what you can do with ATG.
Do you have an idea where ATG should be used: we are open to suggestions 🙂

Options to chose:

First off all download and install a Tronlink-Wallet. Save the seeds (12 words) at a safe place.


Alternatively: click here

If you prefer to buy with USDT - please contact us - the actual price can be found here: SunSwap


To buy ATG, you need to buy TRX first. E.g. with your Debit/Credit card (minimum €50) - the process is very simple. Conveniently, you can enter the recipient address of your TronLink app in the field for the TRX address.

If you are using ATOMIC wallet already, you can buy TRX directly in there with your card. This video shows you how.

Trade ATG at SunSwap

From today, you can trade ATG against TRX on SunSwap:


Alternatively: Click here

Redeem ATGs

Your vendor wants to send you your ATGs? Get ready, download and install the APP like explained before and let your merchant know your Tron Wallet address, which your created.

The dealer is familiar with the system and will guide you accordingly.

If you want to spend your ATG with a different dealer, please check upfront the conditions.

Of course it is up to you to swap your ATG, please check the instructions.

Customer Support

We are just a "click" away if you need us. Contact us by email:

or connect with one of our social media channels

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