The all2get project

The ATG Token – the ultimate customer loyalty concept of the next decade.

One token – endless possibilities.

Buy - trade - redeem

Sometimes things are so easy...

  • No matter what industry you are in..
  • Entrepreneurs gain loyal customers.
    • Regular customers refer new customers.
      • Paying for goods and services with ATG.

Plan for 2022: the Value of $1 per ATG. This event makes all of us really happy: Vendors, customers, investors, holders and founders – we are all pulling on the same side of the rope.

Our Idea

We grow all together – and stronger

Everyone is marked by setbacks. Personally and professionally. Alone, it is hardly possible to escape the misery.
Join our community of entrepreneurs and individuals to create a value system that emerges stronger from the crisis through its community. Each individual counts and forms a new link in a strong chain.

Alltogether is different

We deliver what entrepreneurs desperately need today – a real high quality customer loyalty and for every individual a meaningful option to receive real money, instead of worthless points.

Developed by entrepreneurs – not only for entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of entrepreneurs. Our solutions are easy to implement and effective in practice.
In a non-binding conversation, we can clarify all questions and show you how you too can win new regular customers tomorrow with our ATG.


The ATG is an independent tool for a worldwide community – win-win for everyone!

Business owners, investors, customers

Technical details

Tronscan – ATG

Since the launch of the Tron Mainnet, the official Blockchain Explorer has provided you with useful functions, tools and helpful information.

Value creation

The demand for bank-independent investments
the interest in blockchain-based technologies
globalisation, a unique independent concept, is causing the ATG shortage.

Furthermore, the ATG participates in various projects, which results in an additional increase in value.
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