Why all2get (ATG) and what it can do for your business.

Why all2get (ATG) and what it can do for your business.

Even before Covid, a handful of entrepreneurs met to talk about their challenges and work out solutions.

The question of what can be done to turn more customers into regular customers came up frequently. Until now, everyone had relied on their good reputation, quality and competitive prices. Obviously, however, this was not enough for the customers, something was missing...

One participant told about his attempt to introduce a customer loyalty scheme. After careful consideration, however, he discarded the idea, as it would not only have been a cost aspect but also too time-consuming. The locally limited use also seemed to him to be an obstacle.

The need was then quickly defined: a customer loyalty tool was to be created that could be used internationally from day one, across all industries, and that would be fraud-proof. It was clear to us - we need a blockchain solution.

From then on, things moved forward quickly. A suitable blockchain (Tron) was quickly found. The fast transaction times (entrepreneurs don't have time to wait) and favorable network costs (cents as opposed to high euro fees for the Etherium network / keyword ERC20) were business-friendly. The name was found almost faster, as it stands for what we think: alltogether (intentionally in one word). The abbreviation "all2get" is ambiguous, as it also refers to the customer.

The customer benefits equally to the entrepreneur from the ATG effort, as he receives it from the entrepreneur alternatively to a worthless loyalty point. He can collect ATGs or swap them for Tron. The Tron, in turn, can be exchanged back into euros at will. He can also use his ATGs with other ATG partners to buy goods in whole or in part.

Since all2get started internationally from day one, a customer who has received his ATG in Germany can exchange it in Mallorca at a participating butcher, take part in an online training course on crypto in Malta, or receive a consulting service from England at a reduced rate.

The all2get (ATG) has a unique position due to its real use and the multitude of possible uses. This is supported by the fact that it is a tamper-proof system through the use of the Blockchain. We were able to create a win-win situation for all participants.

Through a final fine-tuning of the system, we achieved that the entrepreneur can use all2get (ATG) cost-neutrally. Our system is completely deductible as advertising costs in almost all countries.

Once again it has been shown that cooperation is the seedbed for creativity and solutions. We are looking forward to further participants who will benefit from careful preparatory work and join our circle of partners. This will make it easier for each member to turn customers into regular customer who will remain loyal to them for years to come.

If you would like to participate or have any questions, please contact us without obligation: info@alltogether.rocks

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